Vacation Bible School is Here

The days leading up to Vacation Bible School are always filled with activity. There are teachers decorating, lessons being finalized, and many “quick trips” to Wal-Mart for needed supplies. I always enjoy this week. I enjoy walking around and visiting with our teachers. I enjoy the plans that go into our largest outreach event of the year. This is a unique opportuity for me to spend some time with them in a different environment. I enjoy watching the sanctuary and other rooms being transformed from their typical look into theme-related masterpieces. Hard work is the descritpion for this week. This week of hard work prepares us for a week of hard work of a different sort. Our Vacation Bible School begins tonight. Tonight our students will saddle up and spend some time at Saddle Ridge Ranch Below are some pictures of the work that is in progress around our church as of today.

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