My Reflections on VBS 2010

Vacation Bible School has come to an end. The screams and shouts of kids running through the hall, Family Life Center, and the sanctuary are now a distant memory. Decorations have come down and the once vibrant and colorful rooms and hallways have returned to their natural look. It seems as though VBS never happened. It has been an exceptionally long week, longer than normal. I am a big fan of VBS and understand how important it is in the life of the church. Now than that VBS is over, I have a few observations I want to make from a pastor’s perspective.

1. Attendance: In the eyes of many, this is the criteria by which VBS is judged a success or a failure. I don’t believe in that line of thinking. Our average attendance for the week was 113. Our average attendance was up significantly over the past few years. I was encouraged that our kids were active in inviting their friends to attend VBS with them. Two of our classes doubled from one night to the next. We held Adult VBS the same time as the kid’s VBS. This was a huge success.  I feel is it so important for our adults to be on the grounds while VBS is going. It enables them to see the church taking steps to connect and minister to those outside the walls. They have the opportunity as well to experience the controlled chaos that is VBS.

2. Workers: I am thankful to all who worked this week. As I mentioned earlier, it was a long week. It was also very hot. I am especially thankful to all of our teachers who worked full-time jobs, left work, and came straight to church for five straight days. I appreciate so much those who worked in Crafts and Music. Thank you for reinforcing the daily lessons through these avenues. I want to especially mention and thank those who worked in the kitchen all week. During our VBS, we skip the Snack Rotation. Instead, we choose to provide a meal every night. Our kitchen workers come out early, set everything up, served the kids, and stayed until all was cleaned up. Thank you.

3. Ministry: Anytime you have kids on campus you have an opportunity to be engaged in real, one-on-one, life-changing ministry. I have to believe that is what happened this week. VBS is intentionally evangelistic. We were diligent to make sure that we communicate the gospel message all week long, not just on the night of the “evangelistic” lesson. With that being said, we were privileged with four professions of faith in Christ. We are so grateful for these four. We are here to share a message and plant a seed, understanding that it is God that gives the increase. Real ministry takes place when you take time to listen to a child, talk to a child, and show love toward them in the name of Christ. This is what we did this week. If down the road a year or two, in God’s timing, a gospel presentation is given and others respond because of the message that was  planted in their heart this week, then we were faithful to have done our part.

Overall, we had a great week and look forward to what comes out of the efforts of this week. I again want to thank every teacher, worker, and parent who allowed their child to be a part of our VBS. You are my heroes.

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