Book Review : Unburdened

I believe that Christians carry burdens they were not meant to bear. Health problems, financial difficulty, excessive worry, relational matters, and poor time management create seemingly unbearable situations that Jesus has promised to give us rest and peace over. In his book Unburdened, Chris Tiergarten deals head-on with the burdens that many are carrying today. Each of us have responsibilities, people to answer to, tasks to finish, and deadlines to meet. That’s life. Tiegreen does not advocate just letting go and avoiding our responsibilities. Instead, he shares with the reader that the best way to deal with our burdens to learn to carry them differently by transferring their weight into the capable hands of God. Tiegreen does an excellent job in laying out the root of our burdens and the reasons why we are reluctant to let God carry them for us. I feel the chapter dealing with trust is the pivotal one of the book. Jesus has promised to help with the burden and difficulties of life. It is up to us to trust Him to do just that. This book is not a how-to manual. Rather, Unburdened is a case study of those throughout scripture who eased their burden by trusting God more. I recommend this book to anyone struggles under the weight of their responsibilities. A great resource.

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