FIFS : John 3:30

There is an old saying that goes something like this: ‘less is more’. This truth comes to life across the pages of the Bible. There are many short verses that pack a tremendous punch. One of these verses that I find very powerful in found in John 3:30. It reads-

‘He must increase, but I must decrease.’

This verse falls within the context of the ministry of John the Baptist. The sole purpose for his ministry was to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. I believe this one verse sums up that ministry. John understood the need for Jesus to increase, or to have the prominent place in his life. As believers, Jesus is to have the prominent place in our lives. It is vital for us to rearrange whatever we need in order that Jesus be first. He is to be first in our worship, first in our work place, first in our churches, first in our relationships, and first in our desire. We will be more profitable to the kingdom if we allow Him to increase.

John also knew that he had to decrease, or have the lesser place in his own life. We must decrease. We must take a back-seat when it comes to setting personal priorities. As a believer I must die to the old man every day, get out of the way and let Jesus be seen. If we refuse to decrease, we will be powerless, inefffective, and a stumbling block to kingdom work.

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