Service With a Smile

Today, our church hosted the Beaufort Housing Authority in the their annual Senior Luncheon. We had upwards of 120 senior citizens from Beaufort and the surrounding areas of Sumter, Charleston, Columbia, and others. I had the opportunity and priviledge to work along side 6 of our church members who volunteered their time to serve today. Our goal was to make ourselves available to their needs in order that they might have a enjoyable experience. Whether preparing plates, waiting tables, or just sharing a conversation with someone was, for me personally, exciting. My excitement was tempered with the challenge that every individual faces at one time or another: The challenge to put someone else first. The reason this is challenging is that it goes against everything we are naturally and it contradicts what the world teaches today. The world’s lesson: look out for number one.

As I watched our people give of their time and of themselves, I was encouraged, at the same time reminded that Jesus told HIs disciples in Mark 10:45-

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life—a ransom for many.”

If you have never intentionally put yourself in the position to serve others, I challenge you to find a way to do so. Look around you, wherever you are, for ways to serve someone else. Do this for no other reason than it is what has been modeled for us by Jesus himself. You will not be sorry.

2 thoughts on “Service With a Smile

  1. Service with a Smile is something we should all know about and do. When I worked for the government they provided us with Customer Service Training. We wewre taught service with a smile should come naturally. Believe me there were many days when I felt less like giveing a smile than I wouldv’e picked up a snake.
    How I wish that I had had known the scripture Mark 10:45.
    Thank you again for a wonderful message.

  2. Steven, I appreciate your comments.
    I really did enjoy serving and meeting the people. I enjoyed the fashion show,too.

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