Book Review – Simple Life

simplelifeI am embarking on something new to me. I am going to write my first book review. Understand, this is not a critique. Who am I to critique another author when I have not authored. One of my favorite authors is Thom Rainer, President of Lifeway Christian Resources. He writes with such passion about the church, the unchurched, and the pursuit of Christ that his books, to me, are addicting. He even has a way of making books based on research and numbers challenge you in your Christian walk, especially if you are a leader.

Dr. Rainer’s latest book, “Simple Life” makes use of  the teachings of his bestseller “Simple Church”. In his new book, he guides the reader to pursue balance betwee four critical area of life: God, time, relationships, and money.  If this book is anywhere near as good as “Simple Church”, it will be well worth the time spent in reading.

The book has 305 pages, containing sixteen chapters which are housed in four main sections. My intent is read each section an then come back here and review that section. I will then give an overall review at the end. In the event there is a particular chapter that is beneficial to the reader here, I will review that chapter alone. At times, there will be other posts scattered in between the book reviews. If you are a reader of this blog, help me with accountability. I am looking forward to this read and even more to shring my thoughts with you.

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