Book Giveaway #2

I am giving away a copy of Jim Putnam’s book entitled “Real-Life Discipleship” from NavPress. To be entered to win, leave your answer to the question below in the comment stream. It’s that simple. Contest will stay open until midnight on Friday, March 9th. I will announce the winner on Saturday. Here is your question:

If you had to explain discipleship to someone, in 20 words or less, how would you do it?

7 thoughts on “Book Giveaway #2

  1. I would tell them that it is intentionally building a relationship with another individual that may be less mature spiritually than you are with the aim to show them what it means to live the Christ-like life each Christian should. It mean a regular contact with the individual as they intentionally deny their desires and follow Christ daily.

  2. Discipleship is building relationships to ensure trust to share truth. Intentional teaching of God’s word applied daily.

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