Book Review : Free Book

“Free Book” by Brian Tome is a book about the freedom that an individual can find through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Tome, in a very animated and excitable fashion, encourages his readers to live this free life to its fullest. I had an immediate interest in this book due to the subject. I wish I could say that I liked it, but I can’t. “Free Book” did not deliver. Tome’s book started slowly, and I was tempted to put it down. The book does get a little better as it goes along. Tome’s style of writing is different. It is in-your-face and some may even find it offensive in parts. I had hoped this book would have been deeper. It just seemed “light” to me in the areas where depth was needed. If you have been a Christian for any period of time, there is not a whole here that you will find new. Freedom is about surrender and surrender is a life-long process. That process is discipleship. However, one part shone through. I found the chapter dealing with overcoming personal strongholds and evicting “squatters” from your life to be especially helpful. These chapters were well written and gave sound and practical principles that can help make a difference. I was challenged to evaluate my life and determine if anything negative had moved-in that did not belong that may prove harmful. Overall, I give this book two stars.  

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