Thank You Port Royal

There is a tremendous need for assistance in the nation of  Haiti. Many relief organizations are on the ground giving assistance through counselling, clean water and food, construction, and medical supplies. One of the primary organizations that been on the ground in Haiti since the earthquake is Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief. Almost immediately, DR was there assessing the situation and giving guidance to other organizations. A major asset to the relief efforts are the established relationships between the people of Haiti and the Florida Baptist Convention, who has had a presence in Haiti for the past fifteen years.

Yesterday at Port Royal Baptist Church, we took our Haiti Relief Offering. We received $1,870. I just want to say “thank you” to our congregation  for giving so sacrificially. I love the heart of our people. I am proud to be the pastor of a body of people who, when given the opportunity to give to a cause greater than themselves, seek to be like Christ in their actions. Again, thank you for your generous offering on behalf of Disaster Relief.

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