Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. Today is the day that has been set aside to remember our veterans and their service. Throughout history, men and women have given their time, energy, and their lives to the defense of freedom. Some enlisted. Some were drafted. In either case, they were willing to do what was necessary in order to keep America safe and free. We owe our veterans a great debt of gratitude. For it was their willingness to leave their family, endure unknown hardship, and give their lives to protect our freedoms of expression and speech.  I believe one of the greatest expressions of commitment is found in the service of our veterans. Even though there are countless numbers that don’t agree with the given reasons for their war, they still fought, and fight today, to give Americans the right to say, “You should not be there.”  In my opinion, this is the true picture of devotion and service.

It has been said that pictures are worth a thousand words. Take time and watch this moving video tribute to our veterans.



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