Twenty years ago today, the wall that separated communist East Germany and the republic West Germany, as well as divided its capital city came crashing to the ground. The winds of political change brought an end to communist rule and the German citizens of Berlin were able to do what they had not been able to for more than twenty-five years. They were finally able to move freely around the city without fear. I was a senior in high school the day this history-making  event took place. I can remember the events unfold on television. I remember seeing the German citizens sitting on top of the wall swinging hammers. With each swing, another piece of the wall fell became rubble. One swing at a time they removed the barrier that kept the citizens of this once unified country apart. I can remember thinking how happy and excited they must have been. I was excited for them and I didn’t even live in Germany.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was not only a literal one, but a symbolic one as well. The crumbling of the wall symbolized the end of the Cold War. The iron curtain of communism had fallen. The removal of this wall also symbolized access and freedom. As I think about this wall coming down between two countries, I can’t help but think about the wall that has come down between God and man. The death of Christ on the cross for the sins of mankind means access and freedom. Scripture tells us that the very moment Christ died, the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom. This tearing of the veil now meant that mankind can have personal access to God through the blood of Christ. No more human intercessors were needed. We can approach God anytime, anywhere, and for any reason beacuse we are His. Jesus brought down the wall of separation. Lord, thank you.

The winds of change are still blowing today. The Holy Spirit is still at work in the hearts of men and women. He is at work removing the walls that separate. From time to time, we are guilty of allowing walls to come up in our lives. Walls that are not beneficial to our spiritual walk. Walls that hinder future growth as believers. What do these walls look like? These walls can take on many looks: favoritism, prejudice, disobedience, and lovelessness, to name a few. We must be faithful to remember what Christ has freed us from so that we are not continually plagued by it. Jesus died to rescue mankind from these walls of separation. No wall is too great that Christ cannot keep down. 

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