FIFS : Isaiah 14:24

“The Lord of Hosts has sworn: As I have planned, so it will be; as I have purposed it, so it will happen.”

There is an tremendous amount that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why some people get sick and others do not. I don’t understand why some who are sick are healed, and others are not. I don’t understand how someone can observe creation and at least not consider there is a Creator. I don’t fully understand why bad things happen to good people and that evil always seem to prosper. I don’t understand how God purposed and planend for my life long before I was born.

It is at times when I lack understanding that I am pushed into a deeper trust of God’s sovereignty. I trust His absolute reign and rule over my life and the events of this world. Isaiah wrote that the very plans that God has made and sure and He will bring to pass that which He desires. It is humbling to think that we can have a place and a part in God’s history (for history really is His story). Henry Blackaby wrote, ‘When God chooses a person for His purpose, all of eternity will be shaped by His decision.’  In the times that I don’t fully understand God’s healing, or why evil seems to prosper, I have come to understand one thing. It’s not what I don’t know that matters, it is who I know that matters.

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