Uniquely Situated

Port Royal Baptist Church is uniquely situated for ministry opportunity. I believe the placement of our church has nothing to do with chance or luck. Instead, I believe that we are where we are for a reason. If you have never been to Port Royal Baptist Church, let me explain a little bit about our location.

If you step out of the front door and look to the left, you will see  major highway connecting the town of Port Royal to the city of Beaufort. If you step out of the front door and look to the right, you will see the Naval Hospital Beaufort. On this military base you have housing for both singles and families. If you step out of the front and look directly in front of you, you will see a park that is maintained by the town of Port Royal. There are two things worth mentioning about this park. First, a skate park was built several years ago and now gives kids who enjoy skateboarding a place to go. There always seems to be kids there, my son included. Second, this park hosts a farmers market from about April until November. Each Staurday morning vendors set-up in the park and sell everything from vegetables to fresh shrimp. The farmers market draws a large crowd, consistently. The exciting part is that all of this takes place at our doorsteps. Directly behind the church is an apartment complex in which we have a witness of the gospel, and praying for an increase. Also, within a half-mile of the church, there are at least hree multi-housing units. Port Royal Baptist Church is just over a mile from the front gate of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. We are praying for an opportunity to open up to that would enable us to minister to the families on the depot.

I said all of that to say this. It’s all about placement. Opportunity surrounds us. Our mission field is right here. I believe that God has uniquely positioned us here to significantly impact our community. If you have never been to Port Royal Baptist Church, I hope this helps you understand where we are. If you have been to Port Royal Baptist Church, have you noticed what is around you? When you drive to church, do you realize that you pass through a mission field on your way to worship? We have a people to reach. I am excited about the potential. I am excited about the opportunity before us. In jsut a few weeks we are planning a service project in the park, right in front of us. I’ll write more about that later. I love this town. I love these people. May God enable us to reach them.  

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