What if Everything Looked Like a Church Service?

Those of who are connected to, and part of the local church know there is a pattern to how we conduct our worship services. This entire experience  begins the moment an individual gets out of their car and continues until they drive out of the parking lot.  This “order” is something we have become familiar and comfortable with. I wonder what it looks like to someone who comes into the church for the very first time? Further, what if everyone else conducted business like we “conduct” our services at church? The video below is a light-hearted parable that I believe, at least in part, answers that question. While this video is funny, it is at the same time painfully true. It made me think about what we do. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “What if Everything Looked Like a Church Service?

  1. What a funny and so true look at what visitors must feel like. I would hope that we do a better job, but I know we have lots of improvement to do.
    The best part was the javaluyah. (Sorry spelling sense just left me.)

    Your Sister in Christ,

  2. We do look alot like that. The signs in the parking lot, raise your hand if you are a visitor and goal setting with numbers. We need to be more concerned for people and how to bring them into true worship with God, not just a “worship service” so they can become a number for our goals.

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