A New Chapter

I have come to the end of a meaningul, benefical, and joyous chapter in my pastoral ministry. Yesterday was my last day as the pastor of Lakeside Baptist Church in Perry, FL. I have accepted the call to be the Senior Pastor at Port Royal Baptist Church in Port, Roayl, SC. Lakeside was my first full-time pastorate after leaving the youth ministry. I enjoyed and benefited from my time at Lakeside. As I look back, I see this in two ways. First, the people at Lakeside trult have a deep love for Jesus Christ. This love for Christ and His Word enabled and allowed me to preach and teach the gospel without reservation. Second, the people at Lakeside know what it means to love and support their pastor. Coming in as a first-time pastor, they were patient and loving the entire 4 1/2 years I was there. They prayed for me, helped me, encouraged me, and prepared for the next step in my ministry. For these things I will ever be grateful.

The Lord has His own unique way of leading, guiding , and directing. On August 2nd, I will begin a new pastorate at Port Royal Baptist Church. I am loooking forward to, with great anticipation, assuming my new role in Port Royal. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to minister and pour my life into the lives of the people of Port Royal. I thank the Lord for this new chapter in my pastoral ministry.

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