Missional Monday – Missionaries, not Fundraisers

Dr5QApZWoAAFRoPWith the Thanksgiving holiday over, our attention turns to Christmas. Among the many things the Christmas season brings, one is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The LMCO is Southern Baptists’ annual missions offering which supports the work of our missionaries on the international field. This offering aids in keeping our missionaries on the field. They continue to disciple new believers, teach, preach the Gospel, plant churches, and build partnerships within their people groups without the burden of coming state-side to fund raise. Every single dollar collected directly supports our missionaries and the work in their respective countries and among their respective people groups. This offering is especially close to my heart. Since 1996, I have been a part of seven International Mission Board Short-Term Work and Witness Teams, serving alongside three missionary couples in Honduras and Nicaragua. I have witnessed how the money collected through the LMCO is used in every day ministry. Our missionaries are very mindful of the sacrifices believers back home make to support their calling and work. Not only are they mindful of the sacrifices made, they are incredible stewards of the gifts. Our missionaries stretch every penny knowing that someone they have likely never met, in a church they have likely never been to, decided to give in order to help connect the lost to the Gospel through their efforts. Having witnessed this first hand, I can wholeheartedly champion the cause for their support and advocate for the continuance of God’s work around the world through these selfless individuals.

For 2018, the International Mission Board has selected Every Church. Every Nation. as the theme for this offering. This is a powerful and challenging. It is not possible for every person to serve on the foreign mission field. In addition to those who would go, there are more needed to pray and give. The LMCO allows churches of all sizes, styles, and structures to be involved in funding our missionaries. Because of our cooperative effort, we are all equal partners in this endeavor. We are called to every nation. There is no one, regardless of their remoteness, that does not deserve to hear the good news of the Gospel. The Gospel must reach them in time. The LMCO allows our resources to be pooled in order to reach every people group from every nation. It is a monumental task. It is a non-negotiable commission. It is a gospel-driven responsibility we all have. Together, we can.

Pray. Give. Go.

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