My Top Ten Leadership Lessons: Part #4

Lesson #1: If you feel it is necessary to continually remind people you are the leader, there is a real possibility you are not.

Lesson #2: Be Last.

Lesson #3: Praise Publicly. Correct Privately. Encourage Consistently.

Lesson #4: Listen and allow input. Never let yours be the only voice you hear.

One thing is certain- leaders communicate. Vision, direction, instruction, and expectations must all be communicated for an organization to function properly. Although many ways exist, the primary means of communications remains verbal. Leaders stand before their people day in and day out to reinforce their organization’s mission and purpose. After all, leaders are called/hired for this reason and the organization looks to the that leader guidance. It is easy for the leader of an organization to get comfortable with and prefer to hear his/her own voice. This can be harmful to an organization.

There comes a point where leaders must listen to the people who make up the organization; to the people whose responsibility it is to carry out the organization’s mission. Effective leaders take time and listen. They understand that although they have the responsibility to guide the organization, they don’t have all the answers, nor do they possess all the good ideas. Effective leaders regularly seek input and feedback from the members of the organization regarding what they are hearing. This allows the leader to be confident that the message being communication is being correctly, while sending a message that the members of the organization matter and are valued. As a pastor, I have found that some of the best ideas for ministry were not mine. Instead, the best ideas came from the pews. Smart leaders will not allow their voice to be the only one heard within their organization.



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