My Top Ten Leadership Lessons: Part #3

Leadership Lesson #1: If you feel it is necessary to continually remind people you are the leader, there is a real possibility you are not.

Leadership Lesson #2: Be Last.

Leadership Lesson #3: Praise Publicly. Correct Privately. Encourage Consistently.

People are the critical component within any organization. Budgets, visions, capital, product, and sales have their place, but it’s people who move the organization forward. Knowing how to manage the different personalities, temperaments, gifts, strengths, and weaknesses of the people within the organization is paramount to its success. Leaders understand the constant and often stressful need for balance where people are concerned. The balance is two-fold. First, there is a balance between the people of an organization and the mission of the organization. Second, there is a balance between the praise, correction, and encouragement offered to the people of an organization. Effective leadership within an organization is like a tight-rope act.  Leaning too far to either side can have disastrous consequences. How does a leader strike the appropriate balance?

Praise Publicly. People need to be recognized for their accomplishments. Their successes deserve to be celebrated. In their minds, praise from the organization affirms their worth, value, and contribution to the organization. Public praise also fosters a better work environment. If the people of an organization know their efforts and hard work will be applauded publicly, they are likely to be more productive and satisfied.

Correct privately. At times, it becomes necessary to offer correction to a member of an organization for such things as poor job performance, refusal to work as part of a team, and divisive attitudes, to name a few. The faults and shortcoming of an individual should never be the subject of public discussion. The correction of these faults and shortcomings should never be witnessed by other co-workers and team members. Correcting privately boosts morale, provides motivation, and limits resentment between coworkers/co-laborers.

Encourage consistently. Leaders understand the success of their organization is directly linked to the people who serve the organization. An atmosphere of encouragement is key to productivity. People become discouraged, disheartened, and disappointed easily. Leaders must – day in and day out – encourage their people by letting them know that what they do matters. Leaders must consistently encourage their people to push themselves further, to follow their calling, pursue their hopes and dreams, and to never give up.

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