A Special Mother’s Day

TrJrI believe, without any reservation at all, mothers deserve their own day. To be perfectly honest, a single day given to the sacrifice and ministry of motherhood is not sufficient. Today is a special day for a certain mother in my life: my wife, and Jordan’s mom, Terri. Today is special because it is the last Mother’s Day that Jordan will be at home with us. Jordan has joined the United States Marine Corps and will be leaving home on May 31st. He made his decision known to us back in late January and the ramifications of that decision have altered all of our lives in different ways. We had prepared for a future that had Jordan living at home and going to college. We now are preparing to be empty-nesters.

Not only is today a special day for my wife, it is certain to be an emotional one as well. Looking back over the years I am so thankful for the love, care, and attention that she has lavished upon Jordan. I want to take this opportunity to say a few things to Terri on this special Mother’s Day.

1. Thank you for showing up for work each day. Early on you decided that being at home was the best fit given our unique family dynamic. We found this true each time the opportunity surfaced for you to work outside the home. Thank you for being there every day after school to listen to his problems, share in the joys of the day, and help mend the heartbreak. Your days consisted being a chef, tutor, manager, bookkeeper, chauffer, counselor, event planner, and nurse. Thank you for your willingness to put our family’s well-being first.

2. Thank you for always putting Jordan’s needs, plans, hopes, and dreams before your own. I know for a fact that time and time again throughout the years you have had to give up your personal preferences and plans so that Jordan could do something or go somewhere.

3. Thank you for staying on top of Jordan’s school work even though he didn’t see a need to stay on top of it. I have watched you check Jordan’s grades, talk with his teachers, and ensure that his homework was completed; every day. I know how tiring it was. We have both joked about walking with him at graduation. You deserve your own cap and gown.

4. Thank you for embracing and supporting Jordan’s decision to become a Marine. I know this was not easy. I know the reservations you had. I know your deepest fears. In light of all that, you have thrown your support and love behind him as he sets out on this chapter of his life. Having walked the road he is about to walk, you’ll never know what it truly means to him that you are cheering him on.

It has been said that, “A boy’s view of the world is affected by what the mother has demonstrated.” All these years you have painted for him the picture of a compassionate mother, a loving and devoted wife, and a strong Christian woman. You have shaped the young man he has turned into today. Your gift request this year was a day at the beach. I wish I could buy you a beach. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you most.

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