Of Church and Coffee; a Parable

Most businesses have a certain flow to them. Unique lingo, systems of seating, and flashy advertising are a few of the things that cause one to stand out over the other. Churches are no different. They have a certain flow. From the moment a person gets out of their car in the parking lot, they are confronted with the “routines” that we have put into place. We feel these routines help things move along a little more smoothly. It is not long after their arrival that they figure out there is secret “language” that needs to be learned. As a pastor I have always wondered that all of this looks like to the person who is coming to church for the very first time. Do we make things harder than they need to be? Could we do a better job of explaining ourselves? Could we be more “user-friendly”? I also wonder what it would look like if secular business conducted themselves like churches do. What would that look like? The video below is alight-hearted parable that answers my question above. While humorous, there is something painful about it. Enjoy. Leave your thoughts in the comment stream and we will discuss.

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