FIFS : Genesis 39:2

The LORD was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian.’

Knowing the position Joseph was in, this verse, on the surface, does not make a whole lot of sense. The Lord was with Josesph when he was sold by his brothers into slavery? The Lord was with Joseph and he is now in Egypt removed from his homeland, his family, and the familiar surroundings of his Hebrew faith? The Lord was with Joseph in prison for refusing to sin against God with Potiphar’s wife? Yes, to all three. This verse causes us to think, “How can that be?” or “I don’t see that at all”. All of the events that unfolded in Joseph’s life were part of a larger plan God had for him. A plan that led to the rescue of his family during a severe famine. The events that happen  in our lives, even those seemingly unexplainable ones (you know the kind), are part of a larger plan.

The Lord was with Joseph and placed him in a country where resources were plenty. The Lord was with Joseph in prison and choreographed the meeting with Pharaoh’s imprisoned officials. This meeting in turn led to Joseph finding favor with Pharaoh and becoming the superintendent over all the land of Egypt. God is constantly at work in our lives. He moves us along and orders the events that will bring His plans to pass. We may not like these events. These events may not be comfortable. These events may call for a reorder of our lives. However, they are always right. It is the uncomfortable events of life that stretch our faith. I believe the lesson we learn from Joseph is worth remembering. The lesson is this, my uncertain circumstances do not negate the certainty of God’s presence.

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