Book Giveaway : Where is God?

whereisgodIt is time for me to give away another book from my bookshelf.  I am giving away a copy of Dr. John Townsend’s “Where is God?” assures readers that even when it feels as though God is absent, it is his nature to be in relationship, to connect with, love, and guide us.

To be entered to win, you must do (2) things.

1. Follow my blog by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

2. Answer the following question by leaving your answer in the comment stream.

When God seems distant and far away, which Old Testament story brings you the greatest comfort and why? 

Good luck. Deadline to enter is February 10th, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Book Giveaway : Where is God?

  1. For me, it would be the story of Job. He endured trials and losses; he was abandoned by his friends and his spouse. And he perhaps even felt as though God had abandoned him. But at the beginning of the story, we have an inside look at the conversation between God and Satan that Job did not hear. And from that, I can see that God was there all along and He was always very much in control, even when it did not seem that way to Job. God knows my flaws, my areas of weakness or self-righteousness, and He loves me so much that He has a plan to better me for His kingdom. That plan sometimes results in my feeling temporarily uncomfortable, or perhaps even alone. But, I know beyond a doubt that He will NEVER leave me.

  2. I think I probably go to Psalm most often. No matter what is going on in my life, I know that God loved David.When I read of his prayers and pleadings,I know that if he forgave David and provided for him in a big way. I just feel like maybe He won’t give up on me and will continue to be my Strongtower and provided a Godly household for me.He surely has pulled me through many times of trials so far! Sherry

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