Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah : Lesson #8

Leaders are not discouraged by opposition.

God gives leaders burdens and visions for what He would have them to do. The leaders in turn communicate to the people how the burden and vision are to be carried out in the form of clear goals. Detractors will be there to argue, disapprove, and challenge the burden, vision, and goal. Nehemiah watched this scenario play itself out before his very eyes. Just as soon as he and the people began to build, Sanballat and Tobiah, enemies of the people of Israel, came on the scene ridicule and make fun of the Israelites with the hope of discouraging them. In the face of their laughter, Nehemiah stands firm and, in essence says that “You have no voice here, God has given this task to us and He will reward us. Leave us alone”.

Leaders today will always face a certain amount of opposition. It is not possible to lead an organization that has people with different opinions, desires, tastes, and expectations and expect everyone to be happy with the direction of that organization. This is true whether the organization is secular or spiritual. Leaders must be clear on the mission that God has given them and lead appropriately. It is certainty of the God-given mission that enables the leader to handle the opposition that comes their way.

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