Not Just Another Bible Book Store

Recently my friend Randy Coy opened a new book store in the Habersham Marketplace called The Bible Student. This shop is not your average Bible book store. Most, if not all, other shops of this nature exist to sell Bibles, commentaries, study helps, etc. with the express purpose of making a profit. Nothing wrong with that. As I talked with Randy in the months prior to the launch of The Bible Student, he shared with me that his vision was far more than selling Bibles. He wanted a place where the average person could learn how to approach Bible reading and draw the most from the very deep well that is the Bible.  From their website:

Of course, buying a Bible can be easier than actually reading it.   And so The Bible Student offers a variety of classes to help beginning and advanced readers learn the geography, historical context and structure of the Bible.  We’re always learning about the Bible and how to read it.  And we’re happy to share what we’re learning in group classes or personal tutoring sessions (it’s like personal fitness training for Bible reading!)  The Bible Student was created as a way to approach  Bible reading without any pressure to join a group or church, or to have doctrinal issues pressed upon you.   We guess you could say it’s a “safe” or non-committal way to diving into a really good read of a really great book — and get just the amount of help you want.


The Bible Student is a unique shop. People are encouraged to just stop in, read, and browse. The environment is very relaxed and given to study. You can ask the questions you need to ask or be left alone to read. Classes are regularly offered that cover a wide variety of topics such as: Is the Bible relevant for 2013? How was the Bible compiled? Who wrote the Bible? Bible Apps for Mobile Devices, How to mark (make notes) in your Bible. The importance of Jerusalem in the Bible. I’ve had a chance to visit The Bible Student. It is a great place. In addition to Bibles, you can find commentaries, journals, maps, and other resources that help you understand the Bible and bring it to life. Two things I truly appreciate about The Bible Student as a pastor. First, the  emphasis on the importance of Bible literacy is so important. Second, I appreciate that The Bible Student, in Randy’s words, was not created to compete with or replace the local church. Instead, to work alongside in the area of Bible reading and study. Check them out on the web at or on Facebook at


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