Book Giveaway : Enemies of the Heart

I am giving away a copy of Andy Stanley’s book entitled “Enemies of the Heart; Breaking Free from the Four Emotions That Control You.” To be entered to win, you must do (2) things.

1. Follow my blog.

2. Answer the following question by leaving your answer in the comment stream.

It’s that simple. Contest will stay open until midnight Friday, August 24th.  I will choose a winner based on the answers given and announce a winner here on Saturday, August 25th . Good luck, here is your question.

In your opinion, what do you believe to be the greatest enemy the Christian faces today? Why?

4 thoughts on “Book Giveaway : Enemies of the Heart

  1. The greatest enemy the Christian faces is pride. In our carnality, we are easily drawn there and become comfortable there. Societal pressures push us there and we willingly go. But pride puts self on the throne of control, which casts Christ aside. In our struggle with pride, we compare ourselves to others, rather than to Christ’s perfection, which would immediately humble us. Pride leads us to find fault in others to inflate our self-righteousness. When we are prideful, the fruit of the Spirit is not manifested, and others do not see Christ. Pride is self-ish; Christ is self-less.

  2. I feel the greatest enemy today is the same one Christians have always faced, satan and his many forms. Seems like any aspect of life that he can ruin, he will if given the chance. We definitly need our full armor of God every day.

  3. The greatest enemy Christians face is ourselves. We have the free will to say yes or no, to stand and fight, to turn and run, to put Christ first or ourselves. . .All of this IS wrapped up in who/what we are as human beings and the title of this book says it all.

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