Week of Prayer : Lynch, Kentucky Mission Team : Day #2

Day #2:  Work begins today.  The Lynch  Team is working with three separate ministries in Lynch and the surrounding areas.  The team will be working with NAMB Mission Service Corps volunteers George & Robin Lewis (Freedom Center), Jeff & Linda Sim (Heritage Ministries), and John & Melissa Fitzwater (Loaves and Fishes). Please pray for a  cooperative spirit, flexibility, and  patience for the team as the work week unfolds. Also, pray for the    relationships that will be built among the team and the residents of Lynch. Pray for a restful night for the team.

One thought on “Week of Prayer : Lynch, Kentucky Mission Team : Day #2

  1. When we become this active in God’s work we pop up on Satan’s radar, big-time. He will look for ways to undermine you, and he usually finds the opportunity somewhere within human interactions. I”ll pray for those characteristics you so wisely have identified as necessary to fend off his fiery darts.

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