Big Apple Adventure : Day #4

Well, day number four of Big Apple Adventure VBS is in the books. What a night. It rained, and rained, and rained. No doubt that our attendance was affected by the storm that come through right at dinner time. We ended with a total of 127. As I talked with other leaders, one statement that was made by all was that it was “strangely quiet” for a VBS night. I agree. None the less, a good times was had by all. Our students were challenged to embrace the importance of Connecting with Others. The story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well served as the backdrop for this lesson.

I learned something about VBS last night. Vacation Bible School possesses the ability to bring out the child in every adult. As i walked around last night observing, I could feel the infectious spirit of VBS. I saw adults on the floor interacting with and teaching on their level. As I watched some very tired adults leave the building last night, they did so with a smile on their face. Moments like those are special and reinforce my belief that VBS can be life-changing, for everyone. Tonight is our final night and is also family night. It should be a great night. Thank you Lord.

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