Book Review : Surviving Your Serengeti

I tend to shy away from books that are written and labeled as fables. I took a chance on Stefan Swanepoel’s latest book, “Surviving Your Serengeti; 7 Skills to Master Business and Life”, and am glad that I did. The book’s subtitle reads “A Fable of Self-Discovery”. In this work, Swanepoel takes the reader down a path of self-examination that seeks to cultivate the most innate skills that will enable us to live our lives to the fullest.

Swanepoel grew up in Africa and the Serengeti is part of his life. I believe this is what makes the book successful. He uses the images, pictures, and the spirit of this wildlife habitat as the backdrop of this book. The story unfolds with three couples finding themselves on safari together. One couple in particular engrossed with the life and work of one of the locals. He turns out to be an old college roommate thirty years prior.

This local, Zachariah, shows the how seven of the most familiar and prevalent animals on the Serengeti plain can teach us great lessons. He focuses on the seven skill that these animals use to survive and how, if properly cultivated within us will make a difference in our personal, family, and business lives. The seven animals and skills are: the wildebeest (endurance), the lion (strategy), the crocodile (enterprising), the cheetah (efficiency), the giraffe (grace), the elephant (communication), and the mongoose (risk-taking).

I enjoyed this book. It is an easy read with just over 150 pages and an easy to follow story line. The author’s background, having seen and experiences these animals in the wild, makes the correlation between the animal and human world believable. ‘Surviving Your Serengeti’ causes the reader to examine and determine if adjustments are necessary to utilize our God-given abilities.

2 thoughts on “Book Review : Surviving Your Serengeti

  1. This was an easy read. Beautifully written. The facts and knowlege one gains from each of the animals is very interesting. One can see loved ones, friends or even co-workers in the different animals and their skills. It seems for some it is easier to see who others are than to identify them self. I gained a new appreciation for some of the people around me.
    After reading the book I looked at each animal and their qualities as strengths and very positive. Each animal is awesome in it’s own way. I had very different feelings about some of the animals and their skills after reading about them. They each are survivers. Each has a roll to play. I keep thinking of different ways “Surviving Your Serengeti” plays out in my life. Going forward as I face challenges I’m sure I will think of these animals and their strategies,
    skills and strengths.

    I’m going to ask eash of my agents to read the book and take the test. It will be fun to see who knows what animal they are and who needs to be told who they are. It seems some are comfortable after taking the test as to who they are and others need to give themself permission to be the animal. Life is a journey this story can help one plan, prepare, work, and enjoy the journey. Thank you for the time, talent and insight you have shared.

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