Book Review : The Book That Made Your World

In his new work, The Book That Made Your World; How The Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization, Indian Christian Vishal Mangalwadi has written an impressive and relevant  book that I believe settles the age old question that the Bible is simply a collection of stories and fables with no value for today. The Book That Made Your World handles the Bible’s influence on the western world with solid fact, concrete reasoning, and appropriate personal testimony, when coupled together, reveal the power of the Living Word to change the face of civilization.

Mangalwadi sets out to demonstrate how the Bible has affected, and in fact influenced, many areas of lives as westerners that we may not have considered, or have been willing to accept. The author breaks the Bible’s influence into broad categories. He then gives detail, through the Bible itself, and other academic works that supports his thesis. For example, Mangalwadi demonstrates how the Bible has enabled women to find a place in society and be empowered to make a difference. He demonstrates how the early-held idea of what makes a hero has changed with the biblical demonstration  of a hero. The Bible, as the author writes, changed forever the platform  in which education was received. Other areas of biblical influences such as language, science, technology, morality, wealth, and compassion are discussed as well.

This is very interesting and long book (almost 400 pages) and at times seemed dry and purely academic. Yet, it is well worth your patience. Mangalwadi’s work is not directed solely toward those in professional ministry. This was my first reading of Vishal Mangalwadi. I want to read more of his work. The layout of this book allows it to be understood and embraced by all who want to know exactly how the Bible has influenced western civilization.  A very powerful reminder that God’s written Word is alive and active. I recommend this book highly. The Book That Made Your World would be enjoyed by historians, as well those simply curious about the Bible.

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