Book Review : Soulprint

“There has never been and never will be anyone else like you. But that isn’t a testament to you. It is a testament to the God who created you.” This is the opening line from author and pastor Mark Batterson in his latest book, “Soulprint; Discovering Your Divine Destiny”. Batterson starts from the beginning that this is not a self-help type of work. Rather, it is a call to embrace and enjoy the person God has created you to be by understanding that your uniqueness is a gift from God.

It is common knowledge that each person has a unique fingerprint, unlike anyone else’s. Batterson applies this same thought to your “soulprint”, which is your true identity before God. He uses King David as a case-study in embracing uniqueness. David’s life was up and down, it was one on embraced opportunities and missed opportunities. His was a life of tragedy and triumph, of regret and rejoicing. He had many defining moments in his life. The sum experiences of his life defined who he was, good and bad. Batterson argues that our lives are no different. Our perceived disadvantages are actually hidden advantages to be cultivated. Every hardship we face, every obstacle that we cross, and every challenge we embrace, God uses these to bring us to our full potential.

I enjoyed this book. It is light, inspirational, and an easy read. I appreciate that it was written in the vein of self-discovery and not self-help. Batterson has written a stirring, practical, ands useful work that is enhanced by biblical case-study and personal experience. Soulprint is well worth your time.

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