Book Review : Start! The Bible For New Believers

I was recently introduced to a brand new resource for new believers in Christ. “Start! The Bible for New Believers” edited by Greg Laurie, is a Bible designed with the new believer in mind. A new believer who has just given their life to Christ cannot be expected to know how to live for Christ immediately. Start! is a great resource to help them to begin their faith journey. Start! is in the New King James Version which I believe to be both a solid and dependable translation for someone beginning their spiritual walk.

 The bright orange cover and the use of color throughout the pages in the headings and articles are visually appealing. Each chapter has an introduction that is simple, clear, informative, and connective to the entirety of the Bible. Laurie has also included the following four features scattered throughout the Bible to assist the reader in better understanding and applying the text. LIVE are articles on the various topics of what it means to be a Christian. GROW are tips that give the reader helpful guidance on the key principles of the Christian faith (prayer, witnessing, etc). KNOW are articles highlighting the core beliefs of the Christian faith. LEARN are commentaries on key passages that help the reader understand crucial passages. Also included in the back of the book is a section entitled “Essentials” which is a series of questions designed to help the reader have a better understanding of who God and Jesus Christ is.

Start! is a wonderful resource. I believe it to be a great tool for someone just starting out as a believer, for someone who has been saved for a while but has not grown, and a great Bible for teenagers. I recommend this Bible. This is a resource of which the reader will benefit greatly.

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