Book Review : Which None Can Shut

American Christians take much for granted. We have an unlimited access to the Bible and are allowed to worship and proclaim our faith in Christ without fear of physical harm. Christians serving as missionaries in the Muslim world are not so fortunate. Which None Can Shut; Remarkable True Stories of God’s Miraculous Work in the Muslim World is an intriguing book by “Reema Goode” (her name has been changed for security reasons) that chronicles her experiences as a Christian living in a hostile Arab country. With passion and raw emotion she describes how God is opening doors for the proclamation of the gospel among the Muslim people group.

This book is about relationships. “Reema” speaks from the vantage point of a relationship-builder. She tells of her occasions to meet and get to personally know the women who were her neighbors. She takes the reader through her journey of taking time to get to know these women and their families and understand their Muslim culture and traditions. As trust was built from first being a friend, she was able to share the gospel with as the door opened.

I really enjoyed the honest and accurate portrayal of the Muslim culture in this book. For those of us with little or no experience with Islam of the Muslim faith, Which None Can Shut gives some much needed and helpful insight. This book helped to know how I can better pray for Muslims around the world. Whether intentional or not, “Reema” gives the reader practical steps to beginning a dialogue with someone of the Muslim faith.  If you want to know how to pray for Muslims, and also how to pray for the missionaries working to reach them for Christ, you will find this book encouraging, helpful, and enlightening.

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