Ordination Sunday

This past Sunday, we ordained three men as deacons at Port Royal Baptist Church. Josh Riley, Steve Michalski, and Danny Mallard were elected by the church to serve in this servant ministry. This is an important office in the New Testament church. Deacons are servants. Their office is not one of ruler, overseer, or financial manager. Instead it is a position of service and support. They are also to be examples to those around them. Their character and integrity is to be at the level that others may see Christ in their lives. Deacons are to be leaders as well. In the same way that pastors lead the congregation is spiritual development, deacons lead the congregation is physical development. I reminded our deacons that their model of leadership has been given to them by Jesus Christ, that model is to Love God and Love People. I am confident in these three men that they will serve the Lord and our church well. I am proud to be serving with them. Below are a few pictures of the service from Sunday. 



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