A Little Water Goes a Long Way

Today, Port Royal Baptist Church had the opportunity to minister to the people of Port Royal and Beaufort at the Farmer’s Market across the street from our church. This is the third time this summer that we have ministered there. Our goal in this project is simple: introduce ourselves to our community through servant ministry. We have chosen to give away free water. Through this approach, we as a church have been able to satisfy a need (thirst, who doesn’t like cold water on a hot day), while at the same time showing the love of Christ in a real and tangible way.

Opportunities have presented themselves to not only invite the community to our worship services, but also to just talk, and listen to them. I am thankful for the chances that we have had to hear their questions and their prayer concerns. It is true that a little water goes a long way. A little effort on our part has gone a long way toward building bridges of trust and friendship. As a pastor, I am extremely proud of our people and their willingness to move beyond the comfort of the church walls and meet the people where they are.




Days like  today excite and encourage me. Although it was a hot and tiring day, I believe God was honored by our efforts. I am excited to see the Lord work in the lives of our people. I am further encouraged that when future doors of ministry open, our people will ready to walk through them. Thank you Port Royal Baptist Church.

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