Book Review : Change Your Church For Good

 Across America today, churches are dying and they shouldn’t be. In some cases it is the fault of the congregation. In some cases it is the fault of the leader. Regardless of who is at fault, churches should be alive and thriving. Brad Powell has written a great work called Change Your Church For Good. Powell is the senior pastor of NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, MI. He writes from his experience in churches that have not always thrived. Powell has real credibility in that he has led his church from decline to a place of thriving success. Change Your Church For Good is the story of the “how” NorthRidge made the turn, along with practical concepts for every church leader. Powell constantly reminds the reader that churches can be changed with compromising the truth.

Powell reveals what keeps the church on the path toward death. Things like no clear vision, the leaders lack of courage to lead, traditions, irrelevant ministry, and poor location keep the church from becoming true change agents. Once identifying the problems facing the church, Powell gives ten solid principles for, as he says, “turning the ship’s wheel of the church”. Change Your Church For Good is not a how-to, do-this-and-all-will-be-perfect book on church growth. Instead, he gives the principles that have worked on the field of ministry through trial and error.

Parts of this book challenged me. I found the sections on communication especially helpful. Other parts were good reminders. I believe this book will benefit pastors and other leadership staff. It is an easy read as Powell has made a very serious topic engaging and more easily understood, and offers hope.

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