My Thoughts on Tiger Woods

Believe it or not, I am a fan of PGA golf. While I do not have a “favorite” golfer, there are a few that I enjoy watching play: Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, David Duval, and Tiger Woods. You would have to have been out of the country over the past few weeks to not know what has been happening with Tiger Woods. About three weeks ago, his personal life began to unravel on television before the entire world. The beginning point was an accident outside his home early in the morning. As media attention increased, rumors began to swirl of an extramarital affair. Recently, those rumors have proven true. I find it unfortunate and tragic that the troubles of the famous find its to the evening news. I believe the attention compounds the issue and makes it more difficult to resolve. As has been seen in the past, the public loves a good mess.

Woods has decided to take a break from golf to focus on his family. I am sure this was a hard decision to make. Through this entire situation, I have been amazed by the reaction of those in the press and also those close to him. I can’t help but to be saddened by the negative impact this is having upon his family and children. In a great majority of the interviews I have seen, when asked about their thoughts on Tiger Woods, the attention is about how his career will be affected. One pro golfer commented that this will even the playing field and allow others a greater chance at winning. Where is the concern over the family that has been hurt? Where is the concern over the vows made before God in this marriage covenant? Where is the applause for placing the importance of repairing his family over his career in golf? Personally, I believe the lack of a proper view and understanding of marriage is a contributor to this situation. The reason I say that is through many interviews, and from the media reports, words referring to his marriage such as “hindrance”, “mistake”, “liability”, and “bad decision” have been used.

I would like to make a few thoughts and observations about this entire situation. I understand that I am no expert and I am fairly certain that Woods does not read this blog. That being said, here are my thoughts.

1. I believe that a mending of the marriage covenant cannot take place until an acknowledgment is made that God has been offended. It is God who gave us the institution of marriage for our benefit and to picture the relationship between Christ and His church. It is His. A violation of that covenant is a violation of His nature and purpose.

2. Next to our relationship with God, our family is to be a priority. While many say that Woods’ time away from golf will affect his career negatively and cost him millions, I feel it is the right decision. It is our family that stands by us in the good times and bad. When all the fame, fortune, and attention is gone, our families are standing there. They are our God-given support system. I applaud his decision.

3. Scripture is confirmed time and time again that our sin will eventually catch up to us. Moses reminded Israel to “be sure that your sin will find you out”.  Regardless of how careful an individual is keeping their sin a secret, eventually it comes to light. Sin normally requires additional sin to keep its covering.

4. The sin we choose to be involved in has the ability to impact us and those around us in a way that cannot be seen at the time. No one sins in a vacuum. There is always someone affected by our choices. In this case, Woods’ family has been affected by the break in trust. Also, the consequences of his actions are being immediately felt with some of his sponsors pulling endorsements.

It is my prayer that Tiger Woods, and many other celebrities in the same circumstances have someone in their lives to give them wise counsel. I don’t know Woods’ spiritual condition or his belief system. I do pray that God would intervene so that not only would their family be restored, but God’s nature and glory would be seen through His work. I wonder if that would be reported?

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