Surprising Insights : Part #2

Chapter 2 of this book speaks to the impact that the pastor and his preaching had in the formerly unchurched becoming connected to the church. I am not going to spend a great deal of time here for the fear of sounding braggish. That being said, the pastor has a vital role in reaching the unchurched. Through the research of 353 formerly unchurched people, when asked, “Did the pastor and his preaching play a part in your coming to the church?” 97% answered “yes”. This chapter gives 8 factors that relate to the influence the pastor had on the unchurched. I’ll list the top 4.

1. Preaching That Teaches

2. Preaching That Applies To My life

3. Authenticity of the Pastor

4. Pastor’s Convictions

One thought on “Surprising Insights : Part #2

  1. A very heavy responsibility for which God will equip you.
    Also, a joyous blessing, in time, through which God is glorified.

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