My Personal Prayer

Father, I thank you that you have given me the privilege to pastor the people of Port Royal Baptist Church. Thank you for the opportunity to pour my life inot your people, for your glory. I need your strength to do this.

Father, I pray for the people of your church. I pray they would look to you for their every need. It is my prayer, that in all we do, from our study, to our worship, to our fellowship, we would be together. Father, some of your people are hurting. I ask for your peace to rest upon them. I ask you to comfort and assure, as only you can. I ask you to speak a word into their hearts. Your people are ready. I pray that you would show them they way to the field. I pray that every individual and every family would rest in your love and provision as you lead them. As you lead us together.

Father, I pray for power in your church. It is my prayer that you would empower your church, the people of Port Royal, to be your hands and feet to the world around them. I pray that your power would rest upon every believer so they may live as conquerors. I pray that your church would become a missionary-sending agency.

Father, take us from where we are and move us to where you would have us to be.


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