Taking The Lead

 Now that the SBC Annual Meeting in Louisville is over it is time to digest and give great thought to the events and decisions made over those few days. I will not take time to make my observations now. I will detail them in a post later, I have other things going on right now. I will make a comment one one of the major topics of the meeting, which is the Great Commission Resurgence. There was a motion made for the SBC president to appoint a task force to study the Great Commission Resurgence, which you can read here, on how Southern Baptists can  work “more faithfully and effectively together in serving Christ through the Great Commission.”

I am a big fan of Dr. Thom Rainer. I enjoy reading his work. Essential Church, Simple Church, Surpiring Insights from the Unchurched are just a few of his titles that I have enjoyed. There has been alot said about the GCR through all the news outlets and other blogs. Dr. Rainer made a powerful statement regarding the GCR. You can read it here.  Dr. Rainer states that any success that the GCR will have will be when it begins with each one of us. He has taken the lead and committed himself to a personal great commission resurgence. I applaud him being out front and calling for this resurgence to begin personally. Lord, give us the desire for it to begin with us personally.

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