Redefining Things Around Here

I must admit that my posting here has not been what I desired it would when I started. My desire and intent for starting this blog was to write about matters of the Christian faith, denomational work and things pertaining to the church. Although I have written in that spirit, it has not been with any frequency.

I want to redefine and establish at least for myself what I want to accomplish here. I intend to write more about church life and the burden for community. In the near future I will be writing a series of posts on the local baptist association and what I believe is its future. Throughout the next three months, I hope to write on the issues that will be dealt with at the Souther Baptist Convention annual meeting in Louisville, KY that I am planning to attend. On Friday, there will a post entitled “Scripture of the Week”. This may be a scripture that spoke to me during the week or it may be a preview of one of Sunday’s messages. In the middle of the specific posts, there will be variouos posts dealing with ministry, church, and faith.

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