Worth Repeating

“The Sunday School is the church organized to do the work of the Great Commission. All other organizations within the church (discipleship training, choirs, etc) recruit its people from those who are already part of the church fellowship. The Sunday School alone is the organization with the task of reaching people. Therefore, it is imperative the main objective for the Sunday School be reaching lost and unchurched people. We must have a heart for the Great Commission. If we do not, then not only will the Sunday School regress but so will the other organizations within the church which enlist those who have been brought in through the Sunday School ministry. Therefore, if the Sunday School does not reach people, then the whole church suffers.”

Allan Taylor, from his book The Six Core Values of Sunday School

Reflections on Sunday

Yesterday was wonderful day at Port Royal. The day started off with our Sunday School Teachers/Workers  Meeting. This was the first meeting that I have had with our teachers since arriving at Port Royal. I was encouraged by the 41 workers who came out early to breakfast and to be involved in the planning and work necessary that will lead to a healthier Sunday School. I am very proud of our Sunday School workers.

The morning worship service  was moving. The music was inspirational the our adult choir special was amazing. At the end ofour service, we had the opportunity to welcome three new members to our fellowship, one young couple and one young man.  It is always exciting to see people get connected to the church body. There were those present who are looking for a church home and wanted to know more about Port Royal. Their interest in encouraging. For yesterday I am thankful for the encouragement we were able to give, the ministry we were able to carry out, and the lives that were touched.  God is most definitely good.