Worth Repeating : David Platt

“There is a spiritual battle presently raging for the souls of billions of men and women around the world. The scope of this spiritual battle is universal. It covers and comprises every tongue, tribe, language, nation, person, and people group. There is no place on this earth where this war is not being waged.

The stakes in this spiritual battle are eternal. There is a true God over this world who desires all people to experience everlasting joy in heaven. There is a false god in this world who desires all people to experience everlasting suffering in hell. The enemy in this spiritual battle is formidable. He is like a lion looking for his kill, and he is dead set on defaming God’s glory and destroying God’s people. Where the church exists, he works to draw us in through temptation and discourage us in trial. He lures us with possessions and prosperity, and he lulls us to sleep with comforts and complacency. He deceives, deters, and distracts the church from knowing the wonder of Christ and declaring the worth of Christ to the ends of the earth.

Meanwhile, he holds thousands of unreached people groups captive through deceptive philosophies, hollow worldviews, and false religions. These people groups are virtually untouched by the gospel of the glory of God, and this is where the adversary’s stronghold exists. Any Christian and any church that desires to proclaim the gospel among the unreached people groups of the world can expect to be met with the full force of hell in the process.”

David Platt,  from the foreword of “Spiritual Warfare and Missions” by Jerry Rankin and Ed Stetzer

Worth Repeating

“It is not uncommon for dedicated Christians to be conscientious about serving God and seeking His will. However, even our prayers often reflect an egotistical perspective as we pray, ‘Lord, what is Your will for my life?’ We should be praying, ‘Lord, what is Your will?’ – period! And once we come to understand God’s will, then we can begin to get an understanding about what His will for us personally will be. God’s will for each of His children is in the context of His mission, that universal plan and purpose to be known and worshipped among every people, tribe, language, and nation. For some it will be mean to go. For others it is to be senders, mobilizers, and supporters. For all, it is to witness to those from the nations that He is bringing into our cities and communities. But no one is exempt! To say, ‘I’ll serve God where I live and ignore the need of the nations to know Jesus,’ is a deceptive scheme of Satan to divert believers from God’s mission.”

Dr. Jerry Rankin, from his book Spiritual Warfare and Missions