Book Review : Blood Moon Rising

4bloodmoonsProphecy and end-time discussion is big business today. We constantly see new books, studies, and movies that deal with various interpretations of end-time events. People are curious. People are scared. People today want to know if the failing economy and ongoing wars are a precursor to some apocalyptic event. The Bible is very clear in two things: the world as we know it will come to an end and there will be signs that point toward that end. Pastor and attorney Mark Hitchcock has written a book that addresses one of these believed signs pointing to the Lord’s coming. His book is called “Four Blood Moons; Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons”. The theory that a series of four blood moons are linked to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ was first brought to mainstream media by Mark Blitz and then picked up by John Hagee.

Hitchcock, speaking of signs says, “Simply stated, prophetic signs of the times are current events that foreshadow future events predicted in the Bible. Signs of the times are like signs on the highway: they point toward or herald what’s ahead. They indicate what’s coming. Signs of the times are not fulfillment of prophecy per se but are events that indicate future fulfillment of prophecy.” One such supposed “sign” that is gaining traction today is called the Blood Moon Prophecy. This prophecy is wrapped up in an astronomical event known as a tetrad. A tetrad is the appearance of four blood moons (lunar eclipses) falling on two Jewish feast days (Passover and Feast of Tabernacles) in successive years. Adding to the interest of this prophecy is the reality that significant events have happened in the nation of Israel in conjunction with the occurrence of these blood moons. There have been three previous tetrads (1493-1494, 1949-1950, and 1967-1968) with the next predicted for 2014-2015. This will be the final tetrad of this century. Hitchcock begins his book with an introduction as to what spiritual signs are how one should approach and respond to them. In order to present the proper framework and context for this later discussion regarding blood moons, Hitchcock gives ten signs that he believes are the “biblical framework or mirror for events today that serve as true signs of the times”. Chapters five, seven, and eight offer the much needed background and context.

Hitchcock’s book takes on a critique feel toward the latter half. He deals a lot with John Hagee’s book, “Four Blood Moons; Something is About to Change”. Hitchcock is not convinced that the blood moon prophecy, as an actual signpost to the Lord’s coming, holds water as many proponents do. Beginning in chapter seven, Hitchcock lays down his own groundwork as to why the blood moon prophecy is full of holes and is not reliable. The major premise of the blood moon prophecy is that the four blood moons serve as signs of major events in Israel’s history. Hitchcock examines the five passages of scripture that blood moon proponents base their theories upon. He concludes that blood moon theorists have two main problems. First, the major events that took place in the nation of Israel occurred before the actual tetrad. So, in the author’s conclusion, they cannot serve as a sign pointing forward. Second, the blood moon theorists are guilty of faulty methods of interpretation. When they look at the scriptures dealing with blood moons, they neglect the other signs that go along with it. Having read John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” prior to this one, I am convinced that blood moon theorists are guilty of proof-texting and sensationalism.

Mark Hitchcock has written a great book. It is well researched, balanced, and fair to the other books on the same subject. As this subject gains attention in the future, it is important to have a work that deals with the Blood Moons Prophecy in a way that highlights its flaws and shortcomings. I would highly recommend this book to any Christian who is interested in the signs that are pointing to the coming of the Lord.

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