A Tale of Two Churches: Staying Churches Parts 7 and 8

7. In Staying Churches, excuse-making replaces risk-taking. Staying churches tend to be pessimistic in their attitude and demeanor. They tend to see the glass half-empty. When ministry ideas and opportunities are presented, responses such as, “We tried that once and it didn’t work”, “We don’t have the people”, “We could if we had more money”, “No one will help”, and “_________ Church is already doing that” are the norm. When churches move to an inward focus, they stop dreaming and taking risks for the sake of the gospel. Churches should always be stretching, attempting, and moving forward. Time is too short and lostness is too real for the church to not to take risks when it comes to making Christ known.

8. In Staying Churches, people serve out of a sense of obligation rather than from a sense of purpose. Purpose is linked to service. When one understands their purpose for existence (corporate or individual), opportunities for service that fulfill that purpose are viewed with excitement and enthusiasm. These opportunities are viewed as points of fulfillment. If one does not understand their purpose for existence, service is merely a job, a burden, or an inconvenience. It is the responsibility of church leaders to know the church’s individual purpose and engage its members in the fulfillment of that purpose. When the purpose is clear, there is joy in service.

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